Shredd News!


The new album, Table Scrapps, is available in digital form on Amazon and iTunes. Stay tuned for the CafePress actual physical CD that you can order and hold in your hand. This album has the three songs that were played live in Seattle and were destined to go on the fourth Shredd album.

I am very sad to announce that the Shredd family lost a member with the recent passing of MC Stevie-Bob Lethal.  MCSBL was the drummer on the 2nd and 3rd albums, "668: The Neighbor of the Beast" and "Nashville Drive-By."  His death was completely unexpected.  He had just played a gig with another band the night before his ticker gave out.  He was the original Travis Shredd website webmaster and a big fan of The Who (among other bands).  Read Mr. Shredd's memoriam on the main Travis Shredd site.  10/6/2010