Unplugged Shredd at the House of Blues


Wondering if he will be metal enough armed with just an acoustic guitar and no Good Ol' Homeboys, Travis takes the stage on Unplugged Night at Mandalay Bay's House Of Blues. He plays "Half the Man." The audience loves it, laughing in all the right places and applauding enthusiastically after the song is over. Acoustic Shredd is a success! Then he plays "Trailer Trash" followed by "Will Ya Still Look Purty?" The audience loves them, too. But in the back of the room, the House Of Blues music director is having words with the booking agent. Apparently the growly and screamy vocal parts are offending his Unplugged Night sensibilities. He decides to "see how this next song goes." Next up is "Quit Yo' Whinin'." This is too much for the music director and he tells the booking agent to get that screaming, growling guy off the stage! The booking agent grabs his mic and says, "LetshearitforTravisShreddhesgotCDsthankyou," amid much applause and many woo-hoos. 

Travis was planning on singing three more songs, but was cut short because, apparently, even acoustic Shredd is too metal! Raawwwkkk!