June 1, 2000


Rainbow Bar & Grill

<No pictures, sorry!>

722 N.E. 45th St., Seattle, WA

This was the first time the band played at the Rainbow.  They liked it and hope to be playing there again sometime.  Hopefully, it will be with more advanced notice and on a Friday or Saturday!

Thank you to all our fans and friends who made it out on a Thursday night, in some cases, with only a day notice!

There was no opening band so the guys started earlier than usual.  Mr. Shredd had a cold, but he valiantly survived the whole show and shredded, nonetheless.

If you didn't know about this show before it happened, then you must not be on the band's e-mail list!  To fix that, e-mail MC Stevie-Bob Lethal and ask him to put you on the mailing list.


  • Travis Shredd

  • Tea-Böy

  • B-Naz

  • MC Stevie-Bob Lethal

  • Merfdog

  • Diver Dan

If you don't know what parts the band members play, then read your CD!

Set List

That's M' Name
Come On Back
Half The Man
Smoove Flava
Diver Dan

Jiggy Crack Head

Nashville Drive-By
Rooster in the Henhouse
Cousin Clem
Trailer Trash

Where We Goin’

Prozac Princess
Quit Yo’ Whinin’
Whoa Tequila

Die (in a flaming car crash)
Fire In Her Eyes
(featuring "Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld")

I'm Like a Kenworth

Goin’ South