May 4, 2001


The Rain Dancer

Look, pictures!

Mr. Shredd kickin' it during Trailer Trash

The big Trailer Trash solo

Murph growling

Mr. Shredd spots the camera

MC Stevie-Bob getting ready for Jiggy Crack Head

Cracka Jack trying to smooth out Jiggy Crack Head

Tea and Jimmy thoughtfully Goin' South

Uncle-Cousin Jimmy

Goin' South in high style

4217 University Way NE, Seattle, WA

We seem to go from playing really early to playing really late.  This was one of those nights where we played really late.  We really appreciate our fans for sticking it out and waiting around until the Boys hit the stage.  (LT, did you have a nice nap?) They said it was worth the wait!

The opening bands were No Mas and Parodyme.

This was Uncle-Cousin Jimmy's first time playing live with the band.  He did a great job and has proved that he will be a worthy addition to the band!


  • Travis Shredd

  • Tea-By

  • Uncle-Cousin Jimmy (on bass)

  • MC Stevie-Bob Lethal

  • Merfdog

  • Cracka Jack (on pedal steel guitar)


Set List

Come On Back
Half The Man
Smoove Flava

Blessing of band by Rev. Blacky

Nashville Drive-By
Rooster in the Henhouse
Cousin Clem
Trailer Trash

Jiggy Crack Head

Thunderin' Bass
Quit Yo' Whinin'
Whoa Tequila

Goin' South