February 25, 2000

OK Hotel

Photo by Allen Freeman





Photo by Allen Freeman










Photo by Allen Freeman











Seattle the night before
Tea-Böy and a friend with Al
(more pix on the Weird Al page in the  Celebrity Circle)

This was the first show in 2000.  Not the first show of the millennium.  That will be next year!  The action was at the O.K. Hotel in Seattle, Washington.  There was only one opening band so the Shredd crew played almost 2 HOURS!  And the fans still wanted 2 encores!!

Also at the OK Hotel that night: The Sainted Reverend Doctor Blacky Thanatos Roach had his "Hey, I'm Back From Europe" party.



  • Travis Shredd

  • Tea-Böy

  • B-Naz

  • MC Stevie-Bob Lethal

  • Merfdog

  • Diver Dan

on the sound board:

  • Rick Stephens

If you don't know what parts the band members play, then read your CD!

Set List

Come On Back
Half The Man
Smoove Flava
Diver Dan

live for the first time:
Jiggy Crack Head

Nashville Drive-By
Rooster in the Henhouse
Cousin Clem
Trailer Trash

Where We Goin’

Prozac Princess
Quit Yo’ Whinin’
Whoa Tequila

Thunderin' Bass

Die (in a flaming car crash)
Fire In Her Eyes
(with Rev. Blacky presiding)

Like a Kenworth

Goin’ South


Yo Travis

2nd Encore

Will Ya Still Look Purty


Kelly got a birthday dance from Merdog while the band played "The Girls of Porn" by Mr. Bungle.  Happy Birthday, Kelly!

Rev. Blacky cast out a demon during Fire In Her Eyes.  Nice job, Blacky, and  welcome back!

Die (in a flaming car crash) was dedicated to Andy, fan Keresa's ex.  Tea-Böy got carried away encouraging Andy to "DIE!"  Tea-Böy, are you ok?  Are you sure?

Opening Band



Weird Al and his band played Seattle the night before, but had to go to Portland this night.  They were very disappointed.  So were we!