October 24, 2001


Central Saloon

<No pictures this time. Oh, well.>

207  1st Ave. S., (Pioneer Square) Seattle, WA

It was a wet fall Wednesday night.  The Mariner's are done for the year, but they did great!  Our guys were first up (which was good for your CZ since I had to get up earlier than usual the next morning!)

There were some fans there who had missed the three new songs unveiled at the last show: "Twisted Tortured Nightmare," "Have Some Self-Esteem, You Pig," and "Tool of the Man."

Everything went smoothly.  Blacky did a fine job excorcising Tea's "demons."

The other bands were The Merchants and Tut.


  • Travis Shredd

  • Tea-By

  • Uncle-Cousin Jimmy (on bass)

  • MC Stevie-Bob Lethal

  • Merfdog

  • No pedal steel guitar : (


Set List
**New songs!

Come On Back
Half The Man
**Twisted Tortured Nightmare

 Nashville Drive-By
Rooster in the Henhouse
**Have Some Self-Esteem, You Pig

Cousin Clem
Trailer Trash

Jiggy Crack Head

**Tool Of The Man
Thunderin' Bass
Quit Yo' Whinin'
Whoa Tequila

Fire In Her Eyes