May 30, 2002


Central Saloon

<No pictures this time. Again.>

207  1st Ave. S., (Pioneer Square) Seattle, WA

This was an interesting night.  No steel guitar player was available, which happens occasionally.  BUT, Merfdog was also not available.  He had strep throat!


  • Travis Shredd

  • Tea-By

  • Uncle-Cousin Jimmy (on bass)

  • MC Stevie-Bob Lethal

  • No Merfdog: Strep Throat : (

  • No pedal steel guitar : (


Set List

Come On Back
Half The Man

Twisted Tortured Nightmare
Nashville Drive-By
Rooster in the Henhouse

Have Some Self-Esteem, You Pig

Cousin Clem
Trailer Trash

Jiggy Crack Head

Tool Of The Man

Thunderin' Bass
Quit Yo' Whinin'
I'm Like a Kenworth

Fire In Her Eyes