April 8-9, 2005
Friday & Saturday nights


The "We're Back" Series

Sizzle at Sapphire

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Pixie Shredd

Mr. Shredd

Tea By and Cornelius


Mike Close doing his magic on the keyboard.

Mr. Lethal

Zeke preparing to be very growly.

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3025 Industrial Rd.
Las Vegas NV

This was the "We're Back" show at a new club. The crowd wasn't very big, but very enthusiastic.

Mr. Lethal flew down from Seattle for this gig and Mr. Shredd recruited new members to fill in for B-Naz and Merf Dog (it took two people to replace the Dog!)

After an exotic interpretive dancer opened the show, a blues band performed with our very own Mr. Lethal sitting in on drums. Then it was our Byz turn followed by a duo of brothers singing and playing guitar and bass.

It was a fun night and there were celebs in the audience, too!


  • Travis Shredd
    lead guitar, vocals

  • Tea-By
    guitar, vocals

  • Cornelius

  • MC Stevie-Bob Lethal
    drums, vocals

  • Mike Close
    (worlds greatest close-up magician)

  • Zeke
    low growly vocals

Set List

Half the Man
Will Ya Still Look Purty
Nashville Drive-By
Die (in a flaming car crash)
Jiggy Crack Head
Fire In Her Eyes
(w/ Fire, Enter Sandman, Beat It/Eat It)

The next night, it was just the Homeboys and the brothers. Another very fun night and different celebs in the audience!

Mr. Shredd wore a brand new snazzy shirt and Cornelius was sporting a new look,  too.